Swiss 8

In a world where mental ill-health kills 6 x more soldiers than war, Swiss 8 exists so our Veterans can stop burying their mates.

Swiss 8 is a mental health charity founded by Australian combat Veterans.

Their flagship tool is a proactive mental health program that is delivered through a mobile app, which is free to download. The app offers users programs in 8 categories of health and lifestyle, all proven to reduce anxiety and depression.

This holistic model forms a Veteran’s daily routine. Aiding them to build structure, improve discipline and take ownership of their life. Once habits are formed, the app will teach new skills that can form identity, purpose, and encourage physical interaction to rebuild tribe and reduce isolation.

About the app

The Village Co

From supporting local Butchers in financial strife, to supporting local dining venues in these uncertain times, the community is at the heart of everything The Village Co does.

The Village Co.’s mission is to create a positive future for local communities, by combining creative people with the latest technology to design innovative solutions that disrupt the food service industry.

When CEO Mick Carr met Adrian Sutter from Swiss 8 and heard their story, he vowed to do whatever he could to support their mission.  

After the success of the Worlds Biggest Meat Raffle campaign together, the team are now focused on bringing Remembrance Day to the forefront of the Australian calendar in support of Veteran mental health.

Our Partners

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