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By reading these and completing the Register for A BBQ To Remember you agree to hold your fundraising event in accordance with Swiss 8 guidelines.

The Australian Government has developed legislation governing the conduct of fundraising. Under the 1991 Charitable Fundraising Acts in each state, anyone wishing to raise money for charitable purposes must hold an authority to fundraise issued by the organisation, Swiss Technologies Ltd. 

You will need to fundraise for A BBQ To Remember, Swiss 8 campaign as per the guidelines. Any variations will need to be authorised by Swiss 8. All individuals, groups or organisations who wish to fundraise must register, whatever the size of the event or the donation, including cash or in-kind. The Fundraising Terms & Conditions are designed to assist you in planning your fundraising activities. Please read the terms below then complete and submit the Registration of your event through the bbqtoremember.com website. 

A Fundraiser is not authorised to use Swiss 8 as its beneficiary charity until it has registered to host A BBQ To Remember.


Due to limited resources, Swiss 8 is not able to take a coordination role in your event, such as assistance with donations or organising celebrities unless otherwise agreed.

The event will take place on any day between 10 October and 11 November. If any are required outside of these dates they must be authorised by Swiss 8.

The event, including the financial aspects, fundraising, sales, record keeping and management of the event shall be conducted in your (the Fundraiser’s) name, and or company name, and is the sole responsibility of the Fundraiser.

The Fundraiser’s arrangements for the event must be planned within the A BBQ To Remember cope and any variations to this, with the approval of Swiss 8 and a reasonable level of liaison and information about the variation of event is expected.

‘Legend Auction’  is an additional form of fundraising for A BBQ To Remember. 


Any funds raised with the conduct of your fundraiser will ideally be made through a digital platform. Any on the day, cash in hand, funds must be properly authorised by Swiss 8.

The proceeds of the event, which are not digitally obtained, are to be sent to Swiss 8 within 14 days of the conclusion of the event via bank deposit. These arrangements are to be organised prior to the event.

Individual receipts for tax deductions for supporters of the event can be issued by Swiss 8 if that supporter makes a donation of $2.00 or more. Upon payment, Swiss 8 will generate an automatic email which can be used for tax purposes.

Any donations that are not made digitally, will not receive a taxable receipt.

All donations contributed will be used solely as described by Swiss 8.

Swiss 8 do not refund donations. If for some reason you have issues surrounding this, please contact info@swiss8.org where your case will be reviewed.


100% of the money raised will be donated directly to Swiss 8. Swiss 8 is a Veteran-Led Health Promotion Charity. The Swiss 8 app is a proactive mental health tool available to everyone. The team has dedicated themselves to reducing the effects of mental ill-health among Soldiers and works tirelessly to promote a healthy existence. The money raised from this promotion will directly impact the lives of our nations finest and fund more programs, promotions and partnerships aimed at improving the mental wellbeing of our men and women in the Australian Defence Force.

For more information visit www.Swiss8.org


The Fundraiser has no right to the names Swiss 8 or Swiss Technologies Ltd. Nor is the Fundraiser given the right to raise funds in those names. This means you cannot call your event anything other than a BBQ To Remember.

Any printed materials or advertisements to be used by the Fundraiser in relation to the event must be submitted to Swiss 8 for approval and must also state how the proceeds from the event are to benefit Swiss 8 e.g. ‘all proceeds from this event’ or ‘all proceeds from the auction’. Please allow 5 days for approval of your material.

If the Fundraiser wishes to use Swiss 8 logo on any materials or products, the Fundraiser must obtain prior permission from Swiss 8. 

Swiss 8 does not encourage the use of Swiss 8 branding in events or in the media in any way that would compromise privacy. Should you wish to include some stories; testimonials or case studies in your promotional material, Swiss 8 will be able to provide you with appropriate content. However, personal variations from yourself or others who are involved with your campaign are permitted to share over social media platforms, using related @ tags and # tags. 

We may consider all available material including but not limited to social media, related news, and any other information that we, at our sole discretion, deem relevant to our review. If we believe that there is a breach in the way the Swiss 8 brand is presented, Swiss 8 reserve the right to ask you to remove the post. If there is non-compliance with this request, legal action may be taken against you and restitution sought.


Winners of the Legends Auction will be notified by either phone or email. 

Announcements of winners may be posted over Swiss 8 social media channels.

Once entering the auction you have committed to following through with this transaction to its entirety.

If you need to withdraw your bid, you must do so before the closing date of the auction closure. To do so, please contact info@swiss8.org

No funds will be taken from the bidders account unless they have won the auction.

Once the auction is complete, the winning bidder will be contacted to arrange payment.

Bids must be a minimum of $100 greater than the current highest bid.

Dummy bids are illegal under NSW Law. These laws will be enforced fully to ensure this auction remains a positive event for all reasonable participants. 

Coordination of the guest will be organised by K Factor Speakers and events Pty Ltd.



All media materials and press releases must be approved by Swiss 8 prior to circulation. Please allow 5 days for approval and we are happy to discuss any ideas you may have and provide an example press release.


Swiss 8 will not share personal information outside of the organisation but any personal information provided will be stored on a database with absolute discretion and may be used for the purposes of providing promotional and marketing materials through other means by Swiss 8.

Please review the Privacy Policy for more information: https://bbqtoremember.com/privacy-policy  


All aspects of financial and public liability and public safety are the responsibility of the event organiser. As Swiss 8 is not the event organiser we are unable to cover any liability on your behalf.

The Fundraiser agrees to release Swiss 8 to the fullest extent permissible under law for all claims, except where such liability arises because of the negligence of Swiss 8 or its agents. Therefore, please ensure that any space or venue used for your fundraising activities has the required public liability insurance.

You, the event organiser, are liable to ensure that all COVID Safety measures are met to ensure that you are not breaching any social distancing laws. Swiss 8 is not liable if you breach any of these laws and incur penalties. Please refer to the COVID BBQ Safety Plan:


Terms and conditions may be amended or updated at any time without warning or notice.